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FREE PATTERN: How to crochet the fastest and coziest baby blanket!

By Lythicia Bali, owner of Balys

tutoriel couverture bébé au crochet

You are expecting a baby soon and you want to welcome him/her with softness and comfort? You want to offer an original and useful gift for a baby shower? You simply want to spoil a baby that is close to your heart?

You are in the perfect place!

All you need is a some crochet bases and a little bit of your time :)



First, the MATERIAL!

- I used Bernat Blanket Tweeds from Yarnspirations.

laine yarnspirations bernat

One ball weighs 300g, I used two for this project, so 600g.

Wool 6 Super chunky - Very thick

Color - Ivory

Fiber: Polyester

- A 10mm crochet hook

- A pair of scissors

- A tapestry needle to weave the ends

- Optional: For the edges, I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in the color Harvest (6 Super chunky)


Chain 50 stitches. Add 2 stitches (counts as the first double crochet)

1. Crochet a double crochet (dc) in the 4th stitch from the hook, then a dc in the 48 following stitches (You'll have a total of 50 dc)

2. Chain 2 stitches (counts as your 1st dc), then turn your work. Skip the next stitch and crochet a dc in the 49 following stitches. (You'll have a total of 50 dc)

Repeat row 2 until 48 more rows or until you reach your desired length!

Crocheter une couverture douce pour bébé
Pin this for later!

Here's your blanket ! You can choose to leave it that way or continue reading to add a knitted edge ! I also have more options for the edges.



faire une bordure de couverture au crochet

Using Loops & Threads Cozy Wool, insert the hook at one corner of the blanket. Chain 1stitch, then crochet single crochets all around the blanket. Follow the already formed stitches for width and pick up random stitches for length. For rounded corners, make two single crochets in the same stitch in each corner.



Create pom poms and hang them on the four corners of the blanket or all around the blanket (You can check out my YouTube video "How to create a pom pom" right here:

(Be careful, for a young baby, I don't advise to make pom-poms since the threads can unhook easily, which could lead to safety issues).

You can also add fringes with small pieces of yarn. You can either place them all around the blanket or on two sides! You can brush the fringes to make them look fluffier!


Be wild, let your inspiration guide you ! Tag @b.a.l.y.s on Instagram to show me your result add use the hashtag #mantatova !

I hope that you liked this free pattern, like and leave a comment if you did!

Thank you for your love and support.

See you soon squad,

- Lythicia.

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